Beard Transplantation

Beard Transplantation

Beard Transplantation

Men have resorted to many methods for beard that does not grow due to some genetic or different reasons even in ancient times as well as today. This condition directs men to prefer beard transplant as the most efficient way to have bushy beard.

Hair transplantation is done through permanent and painless methods; therefore beard transplantation is also performed through a painless and successful method allowing many men to embed rare beards into the history.


As in each procedure decided, it is especially necessary to make a transplantation decision in beard transplant and consult a doctor. At this stage, the doctor referred for beard transplant informs the patient about the facial shape and characteristics of the individual, the regions and method of the beard transplantation according to the structure of his face. As a result of the decision taken on the basis of the information given, the beard transplant is assured by discussing the number of beard transplants and cost of the procedure. Consequently, the procedure of bread transplant is decided.


One of the process norms that occur in every procedure in human life is the abnormal but also natural conditions on the procedure areas. One of such natural conditions in the beard transplantation process is the abnormal conditions that occur in the area of transplantation. The first of these abnormalities is the blood stains in the area where the beard is planted. Although these spots do not completely disappear in first face washing, they disappear in the second wash.

The second condition is the blood supply to the lower part of the beard area. This hematoma and redness on the bread transplant area provides strengthening and permanence of the beard. The redness that occurs on the underside of the skin lasts for two weeks and disappears towards the end of the second week. Finally, it is seen that the beard transplanted on the face is shed and cleaned. After 6-7 months of this cleaning, permanent facial beard is seen on the facial area after beard transplantation.


Today, it is seen that beard transplantation is performed with different methods in order to have the desired appearance with the desired level of beard transplantation. The first method appeared is FUT transplantation method. This method is the first method used for beard transplantation as well as hair transplantation.

Hair and beard transplantation by FUT causes redness, stains and severe pain on donor areas including the nape. Therefore, this method is not much preferred. The FUE beard transplantation method which was developed after FUT beard transplantation method through developed technology is most preferred method.

FUE beard transplantation procedure which does not cause redness, stains and severe pain on the donor areas including the nape enables each individual who wants beard transplantation but has concerns due to fear and negative consequences to have blushy beards easily and painlessly

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